pc蛋蛋怎么玩赚钱快:力卡頭戴話筒 Relacart Hm-02

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力卡頭戴話筒 Hm-02頭戴式話筒


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Relacart is the company founded in 1994 by Professionals who wanted to make difference to things done before. Relacart aims at bringing things of future technology for today. Relacart is dedicated in designing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution professional audio products. We have started from Microphone, Conference System and Mixer. Now we are doing production of Digital wireless Microphone, Digital Wireless Conference System, Tour Guide System, Public Address System, Etc. We have full equipped sound test lab to provide you all type of Test and Repots. We have most advance equipments to produce Hi- end products. We are using German SMT process automatic plant in production. We have Q.C department to keep a close eye on all production line. Each products will go through Q.C Test before go for final packing. We have all advanced testing equipment such as Signal Emitter; network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Radio communications test sets, Audio Analyzer, Audi Exam System & etc.

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